Window Herb Garden

This week I was commissioned to create a window herb garden with my coffee can art. YAY! Fun! So, I spent the early part of the week shopping and fetching supplies, then today I got busy on the project.

I picked out 6 cans and painted them with that rusty coffee can look, and thought it best to seal the paint with Mod Podge as my previous painted cans have been prone to chipping even though I used Mod Podge as a base coat primer.


On my shopping spree to Michaels a few days prior, I was looking for a way to label the cans with the herb names. I came up with these cute chalkboard black adhesive labels, and wrote on them (yes FREEHAND) with my best creative penmanship. I am not entirely sure how long the adhesive will stand up over time, so I may end up hot-gluing them if they pull away. For now…they are ADORABLE! Added touch, a little jute bow tied around the top of the can.


Originally the plan was to place 3 cans on a rectangular charger plate, but the ones I found at the craft supply were not long enough for 3 cans…just shy by half an inch! So, I took that as a sign…keep shopping. My go-to is always a crate or a basket…it didn’t take long to decide…crate it is. I purchased 2 rectangular crates, each one fits 3 cans perfectly!


The debate is still up in the air, whether to stain the wood crate or leave it bare. I like the bare wood look, and am happy with it in contrast to the dark cans…but I will leave that up to my friend who ordered it. I am very happy with the turn out of this herb garden window box, I hope my friend loves it too!


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