Wine Me Up

Today was a fun day. I was commissioned to create this wine-themed barrel stave, and decided to add some bling to it, just to change things up a bit. It came out so cute, I had to add a few tin can planters which you will see at the end of this post.

2997 (1)

I have posted before about stenciling onto barrel staves, if you need a refresher, click HERE. The saying on this piece was so fun, but it needed something extra, so I took myself shopping at Michael’s in search of some purple rhinestones to represent grapes. I found a box with probably 1000 pieces, all different sizes and shades of purple…it was perfect! Using my coupon (20% off) I only paid $8…now I have enough rhinestones to last me for dozens of projects! In my stash, I also had some leftover nylon maple leaves (that also look similar to grape leaves). These were a dollar store find a few months back, I was smart enough to stock up so I have tons of them!

OK, here comes the fun part…NOT!

HOT GLUE! Somehow I always manage to burn myself when I use the hot glue gun (stupid! Its HOT!) and today was no different. The first leaf I glued, BINGO burned my thumb. (DOH!)


I added leaves to my “rusty cans” too, click HERE for tutorial to achieve the rusty look with modge podge, acrylic, and spray paint.

Next I decided I would paint some grapes using an old wooden piece I removed from an end table upcycle project. (Hm, just realized I never blogged about that!) I mixed up some red & blue paint for a deep purple, dipped the circle end of my wooden piece into the paint and pressed it onto the area where I wanted grapes. Little by little I added white to the paint puddle to create different shades of purple grapes.

If you don’t know this about me by now…I’m not looking for perfection in my paint work. These painted grapes will simply be adding dimension to the finished project, so it is not necessary to get them just right. I repeated this process onto my rusty cans too.

Next? MORE HOT GLUE! Joy!!!

This part is actually exciting, however, because I have never added rhinestone “bling” to any of my barrel stave pieces. Using all different sizes and shades of stones, the grape cluster I created came out SO COOL. A heavy piece of jute twine is added (hot glued of course) to each side of the can as a handle.

With a hammer and nail, I punched a few holes in the bottom of each can, then took a few cuttings from my succulents and planted them with some fresh soil and plenty of water so they would root quickly.

Voila! Its a masterpiece! Such a fun project!


Feel free to send me an email at, I’d love to make a custom piece just for you!


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