Coffee Station Update

Two weeks ago my bestie called me up and asked if I would like her (only 1 year old) Ninja Coffee maker. Her son had gifted her a brand new one at Christmas, so she thought maybe I would like to have her “old” one! SQUEEEEEEE!!! New coffee pot!

This was a very good excuse to give my coffee station an update. This little corner of my kitchen is ALWAYS a mess, and I’ve been wanting to spruce it up for some time.

Here’s a picture of my coffee station before I started working on it.


Not bad, but a little unorganized. My cutting boards have been leaning against the back wall and behind my toaster for years. My mother had given me a cute tray to go under my old coffee pot, but in just a few months’ time it had become warped. I was sad to let it go…but it was time. Also, its hard to see in this photo, but there is an old butcher block cutting board underneath my cream & sugar canisters…which I was also ready to replace.

My first plan of attack was to get those cutting boards off of the counter top. I bought a few “L” shaped screws and painted them with dark walnut spray paint, and screwed them into the wall next to my pantry. The cutting boards are now out of the way, and they actually look pretty cool hanging on the wall!

Next, I decided to stain the butcher block cutting board that my canisters were sitting on. This board had broken in half a few years ago, so it has not been used as a cutting board since then. I figured eventually I would find a creative way to use it…today was the day! Since my husband is always placing his coffee spoons on it, the board was becoming coffee stained. It was a pain to scrub it and try and get the stains out…so I coated it with a dark stain…and now it looks AWESOME! I used 4 coats of stain to get the desired color I was looking for.

Using a new basket that was given to us at Christmas, I filled it with my coffee pantry items including: my favorite coffee (of course), filters, scoop, non-dairy powder creamer, and sugar. I pulled some canning jars out of the closet and used them for the dry ingredients. I also implemented some cute coffee cups that we never actually use…they worked perfectly for sweet & lo, and stevia packets.


The last step was really just moving everything around for optimum spacing, I like this arrangement so much better than before. I was so glad to place my new coffee pot out from under the cabinets, its much more convenient and makes for easier clean-up.

I’m super happy with this new layout, it is much more organized and I have a little more counter space. All it took was a few hooks, a little stain, and repurposing items I already had in my kitchen. Oh, and the coffee is DELICIOUS too!




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