Barrel Staves & Wine Bottle Centerpieces

This is yet ANOTHER Pinterest inspired project. It so dangerous for me to hang out on that site, I swear to God. But, the good news is, none of these projects are terribly expensive and I am finding ways to re-purpose items I have laying around the house. I often acquire fun pieces from friends too; I love when they say , “Can you do anything with THIS?” Of course the downside is, I am gradually becoming a hoarder, and eventually I am going to have to build a shed or someplace where I can store all of these supplies.

THAT SAID! I am so happy with this centerpiece project I made from wine bottles and a barrel stave. If you don’t know, barrel staves are the long oak planks that are shaped to form wine barrels. When you take the barrel apart, the staves are slightly crescent shaped and are great to use in a variety of projects.

At first, I was simply going to paint and stencil words onto the barrel stave, but then I saw another cute idea made with wine bottles, so I decided to combine the two projects to make a home decor table centerpiece. The beauty of this piece is that the wine bottles and stave can be use separately or together depending on your personal taste.

Wine Bottle Art

Step 1. Wine bottles are in no short supply at my house. I’ve worked in the wine industry for 21 years, and am admittedly a “wine-o”. For this project I set aside 4 bottles, removed the labels and foils, and painted them with Krylon Sea Glass Spray Paint. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STUFF!!!! It comes in a variety of colors, but it makes your clear glass look as if it has been tumbled in the ocean for centuries. Its very clever. Hats off to whoever developed this gorgeous paint. Give it as many coats as it needs until you have reached your desired look, and allow to cure overnight.


Step 2. OK, I’m kicking myself because I don’t have pictures of the next few steps, but you will get to see (at the end) what the finished product looks like. Using hot glue and some thin jute twine, I wrapped the screw top of the bottle. I also wrapped the jute around the center “belly” of the bottle. Use your creativity with this, the jute definitely adds a beachy “rustic” vibe.

Step 3. I purchased some wood letters at Hobby Lobby, “H”, “M”, and “E”. Then I rummaged through my supply of artificial flowers, and found a large orange mum blossom~ intended to represent the letter “O”. I hot glued one letter (and the mum) to each bottle to spell out the word HOME. (see final project below)

Step 4. I had a few sea shells left in my supply cabinet, so I found 4 shells that would fit nicely over the opening of each bottle. You guessed it…hot glued those babies right on there.

FINISHED! Now on to the…

Barrel Stave Art

Step 1. Lightly sand the barrel stave to make sure there are no rough places where someone might get a splinter. Then dust off any loose particles and paint the stave with dark walnut Rustoleum Spray Paint. Allow to cure overnight.

I needed a quick visual to see if my barrel stave was going to look good with the sea glass painted bottles~


Step 2. Time to test my stenciling skills. Admittedly, I have done very little stenciling in my day, and what I have done was very messy and unimpressive. So I had to educate myself a bit. I watched a few Youtube videos and blog tutorials that were very helpful. (Thank you internet!) My barrel stave is about 3″ at its widest, so my letter stencils would have to be around 2″. I found a cute font at Hobby Lobby, and also purchased a second set of smaller letters in another font. Then I pulled an old piece of wood out of the garage and started practicing.


Step 3. Math. Ugh. After I felt a little confidence about my stencil technique I started measuring out how long my finished phrase would be. This lettering is to be centered on my barrel stave so I had to do some quick algebra to figure out how to do that. If my phrase was 20″ long, and my barrel stave was 30″ long, that means I had 10″ left over…or 5″ from each side.

Step 4. Stenciling. This part is a little tricky. Large letters are fairly easy to stencil, but smaller letters are super easy to mess up. I used an antique white craft paint for the large letters, and a teal craft paint for the smaller letters. Red for the heart in the word “love”. My paint tool for this project is a small foam roller…I just mixed my paint on a paper plate and began to coat my roller. Before I applied the paint over the stencil, I rolled most of the heavy paint off onto a paper towel. Too much paint on your roller will make your design blobby and it will run underneath the stencil. Your roller should almost be dry. Using painters tape, I taped my stencil into place and rolled over it lightly with my paint. The white really pops on top of the dark walnut, so 2 quick coats was about all it needed. The teal paint over the smaller font stencil was more difficult and needed some touch up here and there. All I can say is…good luck with that. In the end I had to make a puddle of my dark walnut spray paint onto a paper plate and use a small flat paint brush to tidy up around the letters that didn’t look exactly right.

I apologize that I don’t have photos for each step, but the stenciling took every ounce of concentration, and it would have been easy to get paint everywhere if I had tried to pick up my camera phone. This is the completed project, with the wine bottles and barrel stave together. It’s super cute.


As mentioned, the bottles could be used separately from the stave, I just really thought the combination was a cute wine-themed idea. Note that the featured image of this post is another stenciled barrel stave I worked on for the winery tasting room, it reads “Wine is Life”.

Want a personalized design for your home? Email your ideas to me at, or message me on Facebook!

~Cheers, Jane




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