Barrel Rings

WELL, it’s been a year and I’m excited to announce that the blank wall in my breakfast nook is no longer blank. I’ve toyed with many ideas over the past few months, but inspiration didn’t come to me until a few weeks ago when my boss’s wife had some old barrel rings and staves hanging around the winery that she was selling for just $5 apiece!!! I just knew there had to be some creative project I could use them for, so I started scoping out posts on Pinterest. Lo & Behold!!! I found a great design for my wall using 3 barrel rings and some jute!!!

If you like this look you can contact me at or follow me on Facebook. I’d be happy to custom design these gorgeous wall hangings just for you!


If you’d like to try this project on your own, here’s the HOW TO:

Step 1: I cleaned up the rings removing dust, dirt, and a few nails. Then painted the rings inside & out with a dark walnut Rustoleum spray paint.


Step 2. After the paint had cured overnight, I measured out some jute to the length I wanted for the barrel ring to hang from. This was important as I was using 3 rings in my design and I wanted them to look uniform on the wall. In this case I decided on a 36″ piece of jute.

Step 3. Next, I attached the ends of the jute to the barrel ring using a hot glue gun, then used another piece of jute to wrap around each attached end. This not only secured the jute into place, but it also added a more finished look. For continuity, I wrapped each end 7 times using hot glue to secure the wrapped jute in place.

Step 4. I measured the placement of the 3 rings onto my blank wall and hung them each by a nail…easy peasy!


Step 5. Now for the magic! In my mind, I knew I wanted some kind of a stenciled design on this wall, and about a month ago I found a cute round flower stencil at Hobby Lobby. (Of course I used my 40% off coupon code and only paid about $8 for it.) This was before I had even known I was going to use the barrel rings…ironically, the stencil fit perfectly inside the rings! All of a sudden the plan was coming together in my head. I taped the stencil onto the wall centering it inside the barrel ring. I mixed up a soft gray craft paint, and with a foam stencil rolling brush, painted over the stencil.

Step 6. OK, at this point I am done with my wall, but the adjacent wall where my table sits also needed an update. Many months ago (when there was a big sale on home decor items at Hobby Lobby) I purchased the letters “E” “A” “T”, so I hung them on the wall over my table underneath an existing “Mom’s Diner”plaque that was there.


I’m so happy with my new breakfast nook design. Its light and airy, and I love how the dark walnut color looks over the eggshell white wall. I may still look for a “big fork and spoon” to hang with the barrel rings, but for now I am very happy with the outcome of this project.

If I have time today I will also post about my craft project using the barrel staves and wine bottles…I’m on a roll!


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