Coffee Can Christmas Project

Hi Ho Blogeteers,

I’m happy to announce that I have found affordable therapy. All I have to do is hoard my coffee cans, make them pretty, and post them on the internet. LOL

I found some cute ideas for the Holidays on Pinterest, and as usual I put my own personal spin on them. I just love the way these coffee cans turned out when I dressed them like Santa and dipped them in snowy craft frosting. Squeeeeeee! Could they POSSIBLY be any cuter? I am selling these on my Facebook page for $20 apiece. OR you can make them yourself! I also worked up a few wine bottles, which you will see at the end of the post.

Here’s how it’s done:

Gather supplies~


  • Coffee cans and/or wine bottles – labels and glue removed
  • Red spray paint (I used Rustoleum)
  • Black ribbon (craft paper would work too)
  • Gold party beads
  • Hot glue gun
  • Modge Podge
  • Baking Soda
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • White craft paint
  • Silver or white glitter
  • Scissors & craft sponge
  • Red solo cup and sturdy paper plate with depth
  • Holiday Foliage


  1.  Paint coffee cans (or wine bottles) with red spray paint, make sure paint is completely dry and cured before going to next step.20161130_073531

2.  Cut black ribbon long enough to wrap around the middle of can/bottle. Sponge Modge Podge onto one side of ribbon and glue it around the “waist-line” of the can.

3. Cut gold party beads into sections of 4 beads.


4.  Hot glue beads onto the belt line into a square shape.


5.  Now the REAL fun begins! We’re going to make craft snow “frosting”. This is the magic touch, and makes each piece unique (as the frosting will drip down the can and look like melting snow). Squeeeeee again! To make your frosting you will mix it in a red solo cup or something similar. You will also need a paper plate with some depth to it. Mix the following ingredients into the solo cup: 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/2 cup glue, a few squirts of white craft paint (doesn’t take much) and 1/2 teaspoon of warm water. Mix thoroughly until it takes on a cake frosting consistency. (DO NOT EAT! YUCK!) You may want to add more baking soda to thicken it up, if it is too runny it will drip too quickly down your project and will not look right. You want it to drip SLOWLY while it dries. Good idea to test the dripping onto something else before moving forward.


6.  If you are working with wine bottles you can dip the opening of the neck directly into your solo cup. Dip it about 1 inch down into the frosting, let some of the excess drip back into the cup then quickly turn the bottle right side up. If you are working with coffee cans, pour your frosting onto a paper plate. Dip the top/opening of your can into the puddle, let the excess drip back onto the plate, then set your can right side up.  NOW watch the magic happen! While the frosting is dripping down your can or bottle, place some glitter into the palm of your hand and blow it onto the white dripping “snow”. This will add a glistening effect! SWEET!

Your project will be complete once the snow/glue/frosting has completely dried. This may take a few hours, but it is best to leave it overnight until it sets completely.

Top your new Santa can or bottle with Holiday foliage, and enjoy!

Pledge to my Patreon page and receive personalized handmade decor items throughout the year. Thank you in advance! ~Jane



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