Shine a Little Light

I found another project. My creative muse is back in business. My mind is dreaming again.

Repurposing is my new purpose for awhile. I’ve been saving coffee cans, stashing them in my son’s closet much to his chagrin. It occurred to me the other day that I could use these to make some cute lanterns for my patio, so I did a little experiment and it came out like this:


I was so stoked with it, that I texted this picture to my friend, and she loved it. I had missed her birthday 2 weeks previous, so I told her I could make a few for her patio as a gift. She ordered 10!!!! hahaha! She is hosting a baby shower for her daughter in law in a few weeks, so she asked if I could make a heart design and paint them pink…hmmmmm…


They are so flippin adorable I can’t stand it! (Ignore the milk bones in the background, I was enjoying a date night with my husband and dogs on the patio when I took this picture)

As our economic situation continues to be a work in progress, I am dreaming of more ways to accomplish home improvements on a minimal budget. I really want to paint my walls, but it is such a huge investment of time…I just don’t have that luxury right now. So, I am cleaning and dreaming.

I would like my next project to be stenciling. I love this look and want to implement something like this in my breakfast nook…(yes the wall is STILL blank) This is just something I grabbed off of google images, to give an idea…not sure on the pattern/design I will land on just yet.


Whatever I choose will be very subtle, almost like a watermark, and then I will add more wall art to it when I am done. Maybe I will shop around today for an interesting design.

For now I must get back to cleaning. I’ve decided today it a good day to get rid of clutter, and the piles of crappy things that just lay around and accumulate dust. Wish me luck!

Peace. ~Jane


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