Break in the Weather

It’s late September, and luckily the weather seems to have broken. Yesterday we had a little rain…not much, but enough to cool things off and dampen the ground. It has not rained here since March, and its just been too hot to go out and work on the yard (or do ANYTHING outdoors). Dried up weeds and leaves have been accumulating, cluttering the landscape, and as I look out the window I assimilate the mess to my emotional self. I have been working so hard to keep our financial heads above water that I am basically a gnarled mess of frayed nerves and stress. I had been looking forward to the end of this month when we were supposed to finally attain a little financial relief. The rain came, I was doubly excited…but that was soon extinguished as my husband was growing tenser and tenser as the day went on. I knew something was wrong. After dinner he barreled out of his office in an emotional outburst. His commission was low again…actually not low…more like next to nothing. I freaked out too. Oh my God, what are we going to do?

So we both had a moment. I cried, he ranted and paced about, shouting and cursing. How can this be? We work SO HARD! But I told him we needed to calm down and start writing things down on paper. Get them out of our head. Make a plan. So we poured a glass of wine and sat on the damp patio with a notebook. We started talking about all the great stuff we have accomplished, and what an asset my husband is to his company. He took notes feverishly. We felt a little better, but it was still hard to sleep last night.

Today was a new day. The clouds overhead provided cooler temps. I needed some vitamin D , exercise, and mental release of my pent up stress. I heard my husband in his office, typing feverishly. I found my old, beat up, “yard work” tennis shoes and trudged out to the garage to find my favorite tool. Oh flat head shovel, its been so long since we’ve worked together…

Huffing and puffing, sweating and swearing, I knocked down and scraped up the waist high rubber & mustard weeds that had been taunting me from the window. There were also about 2 inches of leaves covering the ground…I told you, it was a mess. But 4 wheel barrows later, I had done a little damage and felt good about it. When I re-entered the house my husband emerged from his office with a more relaxed look on his face. He had talked to his boss and figured out his commission issue.

It was important to me to get out of the house today. I needed the physical release of accomplishing a task that had been long overdue. I needed sunshine and fresh air. I needed to look at something other than my computer screen. I needed to purge sweat from my pours and get my hands dirty. I needed to know that I was needed.

SO here are some pics of my yard work…I know its terribly exciting. I mean c’mon…everyone rakes leaves and grooms their yard, why do you need to see pics of my afternoon labors? I dunno…its symbolic I guess. Time to clean up messes and put life back in order.

pulled weeds in the background and a path raked through the dried up leaves
pulled weeds in the background and a path raked through the dried up leaves
waist high rubber weeds be gone
waist high rubber weeds be gone
Wheel barrow #2
dried up myoporum
Wheel barrows #3, & #4
2 wheelbarrows full of leaves, I was spent.
Its not perfect, but it does look a lot better!

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