Basket for a Friend

I’ve always enjoyed unique gift baskets, and been envious of anyone who can craft one with hand-picked items. My creative ideas aren’t always on point, but today I think I put together a pretty awesome gift basket for my friend who is having a birthday on Saturday.

The sad truth is, I had very little dinero to spend on this project, so I’ve been rolling it around in my head what I would be able to do with repurposed items around the house. (I wasn’t having much luck) Part of me was toying with the idea of making a jewelry box out of a cigar box…but I dabbled with that for a whole afternoon and wasn’t happy with the results.

This week I happened to come across a few dollars, so I allowed myself to wander around Michael’s for inspiration. I so love my succulents that I recently planted in coffee cans, and since I ALWAYS have coffee cans, I decided to work up some kind of decorative planter for her. I pulled some coupons off the internet onto my phone, and headed to the craft store to find my muse. Here’s how the project developed.

First of all, never EVER go to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby without scoping out coupons on the internet. You can bring them up on your smart phone and the cashier will scan them right off of your phone. (Of course printing them out works too.) Sometimes the Hobby Lobby coupon will be a certain % off 1 item, and they only allow 1 coupon per customer per day. If I have several items to buy I take my son, and we buy the items separately at different registers and we both present our coupon.

Today Michael’s had two coupons, and the cashier let me use both of them. It was SWEET! I needed a hot glue gun and some twine, but I was also looking for ideas to make my gift really special. As I was walking around, my muse showed up…and she said, “how about if you put the coffee cans in a basket, or a beautiful serving tray?” BINGO! Baskets were on sale, and I found this perfect green one that just jumped out at me. (BUY ME! BUY ME! BUY ME!)


I also picked up some 12 gauge wire to use as “handles” for my coffee can planters. Lowes was only 2 doors down, so I purchased a few succulent plants there, choosing different sizes and shapes to give my presentation texture and variance. All in all, I ended up spending $30 (Michaels + Lowes) but many of the items are for my craft supply inventory, such as the twine, wire, and hot glue gun.

The shells used for this project are something that I have had for a long time. I picked them up for a song at an estate sale over 10 years ago. It’s a sweet collection and I’ve used them for many projects, (including decorating my bathroom) but I finally decided it was time to use the rest of them up and give them a new home (instead of under my bed).

The cigar box did end up coming in handy, you will see in the final photo.

Here’s how I put the project together:

  1. with a hammer and nail, I punched holes in the bottom of each coffee can, and also punched a hole on either side around the top lip so I could thread the wire through to make a handle.20160720_132527
  2. filled the bottom of the coffee cans with small rocks for drainage and added soil and succulents. I watered the plants thoroughly and let them sit while I sorted through shells.
  3. I picked shells out of the bowl that had a hole on them big enough to thread the twine through, and I strung a few on 4 separate strands. These will “dangle” from my coffee can planters.
  4. next I wrapped twine around the top wrung of each coffee can and them dangled my accent piece from the wrap.20160720_141954
  5. I also cut 4 pieces of wire and threaded them through the top holes I made, this gives it a cute handle.20160720_145842
  6. Next it was time to put the entire basket together. I lined the bottom of the basket with wax paper to protect it from water drainage, and then attached the coffee can lid to the bottom of each can to also help catch any water drainage. I then placed 1 coffee can planter in each corner of the basket, and the cigar box in the center/back of the basket. I filled the cigar box with smaller shells, and the rest of the basket with bigger shells. The finishing touch was gluing a decorative shell to the top of the cigar box, and another one on the center face of the basket.

TAH DAH! It’s beautiful!

20160720_145821 (2)






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