Patio Chair Repairs

I have several posts sitting in my “drafts” folder, but none of them really inspired me to publish. The past few weeks I’ve been nursing my health and catching up on housework and family stuff…none of which is terribly exciting.  This week however, I’m doing a happy dance, and I am ready to puke my happiness all over the internet. (haha, not really)

Some very good (recent) news is that my younger son FINALLY passed his behind-the-wheel driving test, so he is now a licensed driver. YIPPEE!!! OMGosh that took FOREVER!!! Also, my older son is doing great at his new job and he is making good money for the first time in his life. To see him walking around with confidence and a spring in his step is PHENOMENAL.

Another great thing is that I have been able to make some minor repairs and work on DIY projects around the house, and that too feels AMAZING.

My husband is back on his exercise routine, and that includes walking the dogs…so they are ALL in better moods lately. ALL…GOOD…STUFF

A challenge we are still having is that my husband’s pay is waning again. I don’t know what to do. I was pretty happy that my marketing business was slowing down so I could take a little breather (this is also how I’ve been able to catch up on household projects). Unfortunately, I gotta get back on the bandwagon and try to make some money…things are going to be very tight for a few months. My 50th birthday is a little over a week away. I am so ready for this to be the year that I get life together for us. Baby steps, Jane. Baby steps.

Anyway. Let’s talk about patio chairs.

My husband is having friends over on Friday for a “herf session” (that means they are gonna smoke cigars). The patio is kind of a mess; in particular we have 4 cushioned patio chairs that have been falling apart the past year or so. They looked REALLY bad, and my husband was on a mission to fix them before his friends came out.

How bad you ask?


The 4th chair was being used as a plant stand.

Happy to use his wood-working tools, hub went out to the garage and cut 4 new wood seat bases. I downloaded some Hobby Lobby coupons and set out to buy seat foam and upholstery material (which was on sale, YAY!). All in all we spent just under $100. Of course I didn’t get a picture of the hard part which was wrapping the material around the seat foam and stapling it into the wood base. This took a lot of patience and teamwork, but after about an hour and a half we had the project finished.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Admittedly, they don’t look professionally upholstered, but we’re still very happy with our work. Now all we need are some accent pillows, but that will have to be another budget.

On a side-note…I saw some beautiful plates at Hobby Lobby which I want to use for my kitchen nook wall design…super excited to get on that project…hopefully SOON!

Back to work tomorrow. Loves to all…


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