Breakfast Nook Corner DIY Project

Yo peeps. Little by little I am working on my home projects. This one is super simple, but it turned out so cool.

If you are following my posts, you know a few months ago I sold some cabinets that were crowding my breakfast nook. I had had them for over 13 years, and I just never really found a good use for them, other than they were cute. Our eating area was cramped and I was ready to make some changes.


In my heart of hearts I really want to paint the entire interior of my house, but with time and budget restraints I can only do it in small chunks, so this was a great place to start. I chose an ivory (white) paint which is going to serve as a clean blank canvas for all of my design projects. Here is the finished corner, with a simple tulle window dressing, and potted succulents hanging in the window.



I love the light airy feel of this area now, and succulents are so pretty (& easy to care for). I’m sure they are going to love the sunlight coming through these windows!

Galvanized buckets sold in the craft stores were not in my budget, so I decided to start collecting coffee cans and re-purpose them as hanging window planters…this worked out really well, I’m super pleased with it.

Not counting paint here’s what I paid for this entire project:

Coffee cans re-purposed                           $0

hangers/top of windows $5 each x 4     $20   (on sale at Hobby Lobby 50% off)

Curtain rods $6 each x 4                            $24   (on clearance at Home Depot)

Tulle 8 yards                                                   $7  (40% off coupon/Hobby Lobby website)

S-hooks .78 pkg of 2 x4                              $3

Succulents                                                     $36

Bag of dirt                                                       $6

Total                                                                $96

Eventually I would love to hang more planters here with herbs, but at the moment my life is so hectic, I am sure I would kill them. (Plus I am not known for my green thumb)

But succulents I can do.

Next is the blank wall that has been staring at me for 3 months.



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