How I Tackled 4 DIY Projects with a set of Twin Sheets

My laundry room is the catch-all room. Lately, it has been driving me crazy how messy it is. The room is a very small space where my washer and dryer barely fits on one side, and directly across is a wash basin that is always full of crap such as; rags, shop towels, plastic grocery bags…you name it, it ends up there. This room is also where I keep the cats’ litter boxes. A few years ago I removed the cabinet doors from underneath the sink and I put the litter boxes there. It was a great plan as it gave me room to move around while I was loading the washer and dryer. Then my dog decided he wanted to sneak in there when no one was around and EAT CAT POOP. Omgosh, are you kidding me? SO GROSS! Unfortunately I cannot shut the door or the cats would not be able to use the litter box, so the solution I came up with was to block the doorway with a chair.


So in my internet journeys I saw some cute ideas on Pinterest about different ways to use tension rods that gave me a great idea on how to solve my problem(s).


Today I had a few hours to kill before picking up my son at school, so I decided to treat myself to a walk around Target. Sale shopping is my new pastime, I love it. There is something so rewarding about finding a great deal! I found tension rods I needed for about $5 a piece, and a cute set of twin sheets on sale for $15. I picked a color scheme that would match my breakfast nook since the laundry room is adjacent to my kitchen table. I also picked up some curtain clips for $5. My entire purchase was just over $35 plus tax.

I brought everything home and had 4 projects completed within an hour!

My first plan was to use one tension rod, clips, and the flat sheet to create a privacy curtain for the cat box area under the sink. I folded the sheet in half long-ways, and then nearly in half the other direction, and then in half again…see photos:

I made a slight adjustment to the folds to the length I needed, and attached the clips to the top.

Then I simply threaded the tension rod through the rings and hung it in place. (finished picture at the end of post)

NEXT I needed to create a barrier in the doorway so my dog would stop sneaking into this room. I was pretty pleased with the way this turned out. SQUEEEEEEEE!

For this fix I used 2 tension rods and the pillow case. It turned out perfectly that the length of the pillow case was the exact size of my door frame.


I needed to cut two small holes at the corners of the closed end of the pillow case so I could thread the tension rods through. Turning the pillow case inside out I cut the seam out of each corner. Only about a 3/4 inch cut was needed. I did not surge or sew the cut edges, if you are crafty and have a nice sewing machine, you might want to do this…but I was fine with the raw edge.

Now for the rad part! Turning the pillow case back to right side out, I threaded the tension rods through the top and the bottom and inserted them into the door frame, leaving a 5″ gap from the floor so the cats can crawl underneath. My sweet boy Jack was happy to test drive it for the photo, he let me know I needed to raise it a little bit, heh heh.


OK…the rest is pure genius. Are you ready?

So the sheets came in this cute little satchel, made from the same material, so I had this epiphany to use this as my plastic bag dispenser! All I did was load it up with my plastic grocery bags (which I use to clean the litter box with) and hung it on the wall with a hook!

SWEET!  Here’s the completed project:

So, I know what you are wondering…what about the FITTED sheet? I’m SO GLAD YOU ASKED! My sweet doggies’ bed needed a new sheet, so it worked out perfectly! Turns out 2 doggie beds laid out side by side are about the same size as a twin bed! SO RAD! Check it out!


As you can see, nothing goes to waste around here! I’m super stoked about today’s activities, drop me a line and let me know if you have any questions!

~ Jane


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