Celebrating Normalcy

Out of an entire month, I usually have about 29 days of craziness. I work a day job Thursday – Sunday. I play music on Friday and Saturday (which is supposed to be fun. Sometimes yes, sometimes its work) and I work at home at my social media business 3 days a week, while I also dabble in housework, cooking, grocery shopping, child rearing, pet tending, husband tending and whatever else that seems to randomly fall in my plate.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday this week had me hopping mad. It was just a pileĀ of frustration and stupid crappy things and was just about more than my little Canerian heart could handle. I was constantly texting my husband “helllllp meeeeeee…”

Angry woman

But today is glorious Wednesday. I am content. I am doing housework, cooking homemade dog food and chicken soup, cleaning stains out of my carpet…and I am in hog heaven. Back in the day if you told me “You should be a housewife” I would have made a STINKface and told you to go fuck yourself. Today? I’m kinda wishing I had that luxury of mundane-ness. At least for a few weeks, haha.

Tomorrow I am back at it. Back to my job. Back to the computer. Back to budgeting.


I have discovered Periscope and I am wanting to “scope” (live stream) some video about my life, social media, music, motherhood, and all the other stuff I have my mitts into. I’m not sure how interested anyone would be in that but if you want to follow me on Periscope my ID is @janesreallife. I have my new phone now, and I am totally stoked. It takes great pictures, and the few live streams I’ve done were very cool.

OK, this was just a quickie. I’ve got to feed the dogs and finish making dinner. I hadn’t blogged for awhile, so I thought it would be nice to take a little breather and write some happy words.


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