Blank Wall.

Sometimes its so hard to be patient. Why is that?

I sold my pretty little kitchen cupboards about 3 weeks ago, and the blank wall is staring me down. Its begging to be prepped and painted and donned with pretty little trinkets and marquee lettering. I whisper to it from my work station…soon, my friend…very soon.

Money & time (or lack there of) is what keeps me from my muse. That, and maybe I’m really nervous about screwing it up. lol Once I dive into this one small area, I know the rest of the house will be begging for love. So I keep my nose to the grindstone and just keep working until the day I can’t take it anymore and I make the trek to Home Depot to buy paint.

So maybe I should just post here what my ideas are.

The wall is about 7′ wide and 11′ tall, directly across from it is our kitchen table and two windows that need sprucing up. They used to have country-decor style handmade curtains, which were ok…but just not our style. The hardware came unattached on one window, so I removed the curtain, and the other one is still up.  Lame, I know. They also had vertical blinds at one time, but those fell down too.

For the wall, I would like to come up with a design similar to this: (of course I found this on Pinterest)


For the windows I would like to take all the window treatments down and implement a hanging herb garden with a simple swag curtain over it.

Hanging herbs 2   swag curtains

Instead of using buckets, I thought I would use coffee cans with a rope twine handle…I’ve been saving my coffee cans, they are really cute & shiny when you take the labels off of them.

As mentioned this will be a fun project for the boys and me. I can’t wait! Spring is around the corner and will be a perfect time to start. Thinking end of February or beginning of March.

Sweet! Stay tuned!



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