No Water.

Thursday morning I woke up and dragged a cup of coffee over to my laptop like I do every morning. I was stoked to get an email from my employer letting me know the rain had caused some problems at work, so I didn’t need to come in. YAY! Extra day off!

This worked out well for me as one of my clients asked to meet me to go over his internet marketing and he had a check for me too! YAY! Money! I rushed out to meet him and we took care of business. I stopped by the bank to deposit the check on my way home and began calculating which bills I could pay with this money, even allowing myself to daydream that I could put a few $ into savings. Around dinner time the daydream ended as I noticed our water pressure decreasing, by 9pm that night it was almost zero. Great.

We had replaced our well pump a little over a year ago, it was all covered by our home warranty policy (thank GOD) but now the pressurized tank sprung a leak…a BIG leak…and was no longer pumping water up the hill to my house.  Instead water was gushing out all over the property. My heart sank. Weekend coming up (which means no repairman until Monday), and I had a feeling THIS problem was not going to be covered. We made all the appropriate phone calls and waited.

When Sunday rolled around, we had found a pump repair company that would come out and replace the tank…and as we figured, it was NOT all going to be covered. Insurance would pay the labor, but we had to fork out the money for the tank itsself. Guess how much?

That’s right. $600.

Apparently my closet cleaning project stirred up changes in our vibration, which means, I guess, that we still need to deal with more junk before our situation turns around. This is real life. This is why I started this blog. Life isn’t about rainbows and unicorns, perfect DIY hacks, inspirational meme’s, and all that stuff. Real life is about how you cope with daily happenings. I’ll be honest, this week, I’m not doing so good. I hurt inside, and my gut feels like I drank drain-o. So how do I get past it? How do I keep going? How do ANY of us keep going?

I came into this world to have a lot of experiences. I know this. Many of you are the same, and you know…sometimes life can be really fucking hard. My blog and my mission is to pull together a community of people who are more than cheerleaders and gurus. REAL LIFE people understand pain, and sometimes we just need reminders that everything we experience is temporary. Life changes on a dime, but its hard to wait or know what to do until those changes happen. I am working on a better life for my family, I work really hard at it. I don’t like to cry in my beer. (But sometimes I do).

How do YOU deal with hard times? Informative comments are encouraged!


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