Rainy Day Project

Last week we had some pretty wet days…gloomy and cold, it was glorious! I get a giggle at Californians who forget what WEATHER is. Two days of rain and everyone is going on and on about “El Nino”. Haha…hello folks, its just RAIN.

That said, since we weren’t going anywhere and the new year still hadn’t really kicked in, I decided to clean my closet. Holy cow, it was a disaster.


I did have this closet dialed in a little over a year ago…but I have not been diligent about keeping it organized. As mentioned in earlier posts, life kinda got away from us. The spiritual symbolism speaks volumes…things have gotten messy.

It took me about 3 hours, but I pulled everything out, sorted through the throw away and donate-able items. I bought a few baskets at the dollar store and began putting it back together. My husband’s exact words were, “Dang babe, you’re going to TOWN!”

I will add a few words of warning here…BE PREPARED for big changes when you complete a project like this. I was purposely sending a message out to the “powers that be” that I am ready for a positive change. Well…I got change alright, not exactly what I was hoping for…but my assumption is that our runaway train is trying to find it way back to the tracks. Read my next post…


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