John + Jane.

There was not much of a gift exchange at our house this year, which gave me the blues. I love being able to shower my kids and my husband with gifts. It just wasn’t going to happen this year. So, my soul searched for the “true meaning” of the season. Oh yes, we are SO LUCKY to have one another, and our health…gosh, I love these people so much. I have to say my boys really pitched in to make it a nice holiday despite Mommy’s funk. THEY were the ones who bought gifts and made the tree look happy and festive.

We also have friends who visit around the holidays and cannot help themselves…they have to come bearing gifts, no matter how many times we agree NO GIFTSThis used to bother me. I thought they were doing it to show off. I was never able never keep up with their generosity.  This year I realized…they just really like to bring gifts. They are sharing in a way that makes them feel good, and they aren’t expecting anything in return. SO, I decided to put my ego aside and accept the gifts graciously this year without feeling obligated.


The most symbolically touching gift we received from these friends were “Mr. & Mrs.” coffee mugs in a nautical theme. It made me realize how far my husband and I have come since we met and married. We found each other in our mid-forties. My husband had never married or had kids, and I came from a long string of sad & failed marriages and relationships. When I turned 42 I prayed for a partner…and I found one. This relationship has come with many MANY tests. In the beginning, I will admit, we were both pretty immature and idealistic; but I am proud to say we worked together through it all and held each other up to get through some very “rough seas”. (sewing this together with the nautical theme, get it?)

We are MR. and MRS.

We are John + Jane.

So, do YOU think I found the true meaning of Christmas? There is still a part of me that wants to have money again, so I can buy gifts, so I can go shopping when I need something like a pair of shoes, or a coat. But in the end…those are just things, and things aren’t love. I have love.


Today is New Year’s Day 2016 and I am fulfilled. I shall not want.

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