Welcome 2016.

I look forward to the new year. The past two have been particularly challenging. It has been a learning experience; the struggles my husband and I have dealt with have proven that our relationship is strong, and we make a great team. For that I am so very grateful.

In 2014 my “resolution” was to work on projects around the house. My plan was to pick one room a month and fix the things that were broken, or do a little remodeling or redecorating. That lasted for about a month…money was so tight I wasn’t able to purchase anything and it became necessary for me to work more hours to make ends meet. We nearly lost our home that year. In August we filed bankruptcy so the bank couldn’t foreclose. Now we are 16 months into a 5-year plan. In 5 years the bankruptcy will be paid off and we can look at the possibility of selling and/or revamping our property. There’s a lot of work to do. Things are falling apart.

Anyway, that being said. I’d like to revisit my 2014 resolution. I need a creative outlet. I need to paint, nail, and glue something. The projects I pick will cost little to no money. There will be a lot of repurposing and searching for inexpensive materials. I am dying to work on my breakfast nook just off of the kitchen. The window treatments are outdated and broken or missing. I have a few dish cabinets that (even though they are cute) take up too much space. The walls are an ugly color…I could go on and on. So, I’ve been scouring Pinterest for fun ideas, and I have come up with a few things I really like. Since my younger son wants to be an artist, its time he started working on some real life art projects. Finally! I have an apprentice!

Besides money, the other challenge will be time. When in the heck am I going to do this? I have several new clients in the pipeline, my regular job 4 days a week, and the band. Not to mention, cooking, cleaning, and shopping. Aiy yai.

Its all good. My plan is to stop pressuring myself to be perfect. Yes, there is a lot of work to be done, but I have plenty of time. I need to let my creative side shine and be happy with the wonderful tools and gifts I’ve been given.

Next week I hope to sell the pretty dish cabinets. With that money I can buy the supplies for my first project, which I probably won’t get to until February…but at least I can start planning. Once the cabinets are gone I can start shopping for paint. I’d really like to paint the walls with a soft ivory, because eventually I want to paint my entire kitchen (and house) this color and stain my cabinets dark, which will really make them pop. The white/ivory will also give a feeling of a “blank canvas” so any touch of color will stand out.

I do hate to give up the dish cabinets, but they don’t actually serve a purpose and they are making this narrow room seem even more narrow.

I am praying everyday that my husband’s business picks up this year and we are able to breathe financially. That would be ideal so our stress level is not so astronomical. That would be ideal. But hey, this is REAL LIFE…and we do what we can do. Right?

Happy New Year,




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